Measuring ROI for Mobile Ad Campaigns

Measuring ROI for Mobile Ad Campaigns 18.June.2012

This past week I had the opportunity to speak at the Mobile Marketing Association (aka. MMA) Forum in New York. I was on a panel discussing ROI for mobile campaigns, especially mobile video. Mobile Marketer did a great job of summarizing what was said:

Testing different initiatives in a campaign can be a great way for brands to drive an ROI, per Mr. Cook. For example, in a multichannel campaign that includes television and mobile video components, turning off one of the channels can show what is working.

Additionally, segmenting a campaign into a control and test market by location can be a great way for brands to see what the impact is for individual DMAs.

“[Mobile] works enough to convince the client to keep doing it,” Mr. Cook said.

“And in some markets, it is interesting because it’s not always the same percentage of sales in a test versus control market,” he said.

“But we are seeing either from a couple percentage points to the high single or double percentage points of sales being impacted.”

via Heineken exec: Mobile is powerful lever for brand building – Strategy – Mobile Marketer.