11 Creative Exercises

11 Creative Exercises 1.November.2017

  1. Telephone Pictionary – Partner up and send one person off to find an object, call the second person and have them draw it by only describing the shapes, not the materials.
  2. 6 Second Film – Use a tool like Vine Camera to showcase a story in only six seconds
  3. Mind Mapping
  4. Serious Play – A team exercise where you use legos to build the greatest _______ in ______
  5. Use the wrong tool – For example: Use AfterEffects to make a business card, use paper to write an email. The answer to “but how?” will lead you to unique solutions.
  6. Design something you won’t normally – Example: Mockup a ketchup packet
  7. Build Extra Constraints – Example: design a Valentines Day card without using Red and Pink
  8. 13 Creative Exercises for Photographers from B&H
  9. Design Exercises for Inspired Designers from HOW Magazine
  10. Gamestorming exercises for teams to develop creative ideas
  11. Design Methods from IDEO.org