Brainstorming Process – Branding

Brainstorming Process – Branding 3.September.2010

A co-worked asked me what my process was for  brainstorming brand names or taglines. I thought that would make an interesting blog post. So here is my process in a nutshell:

I find a space away from my computer and other things that may try to tempt my attention to wonder on to other tasks. Whereever the space chosen for the day is I only take with me the Brand Architecture and my sketch book. I read over the Brand Architecture carefully and then start to jot down ideas. When I feel like I have a sufficient understanding of the Brand Architecture I begin to focus my sights on the sketchbook, filling up about a page or two with ideas, mostly written. I then return to the Brand Architecture and cross out any ideas that don’t align with the brand.

After I feel like I have some respectable ideas down, I’ll browse competitors, seeing what they’re doing well and were they are falling short reaching the same basic audience we’re going for. A lot of times this will reveal openings in the market (such as demographics or messaging that no one else is targeting).

By this time, definitely a break is in order. I believe that breaks are essential to the creative process, and I should probably blog more about why I think they’re important. It may be a 15 minute milkshake run or just coming back to my ideas in a day or two. Whenever it is, I then revisit my sketchbook, jot down new ideas, revise old ones and generally review where I’m at. After that I like to carve out some time for a meeting, either formally or informally to bounce ideas off of others who are working on the project.

Rinse and repeat as necessary.

When I’m brainstorming alone or in a group meeting with others, the process is still basically the same.

What’s your process look like?